Lego Gift Guide

Who doesn’t love Legos? Here’s a Lego gift guide for the Lego lover in your house. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

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We’ve spent many many hours at my house building, rebuilding, and even cleaning up and sorting Legos.  My kids always have several sets on their wish list which makes for easy gift recommendations for the grandparents.  

Simply give them a list of set numbers and they can make a quick trip to the store or order online and give the kids just what they want.  Lego is always coming up with new sets, and it sometimes makes my head spin trying to keep up with them all.  

Here are a few of the favorites that we already own or are on the shortlist to buy. Scroll down to check out these awesome Lego products. I’m sure you’ll find something that you have to have for your Lego lover.

Colorful and different logo themed toys like Lego Crocs, red Lego tee, Lego clock and Lego book

Lego Gift Guide

Kids think Legos are just a fun toy, but us parents know better!! Here are why Legos are the best and are the best learning tool around.

  1. Problem-solving: You know how when we’re piecing together a Lego set, we’re basically solving a puzzle? It helps kids become problem-solvers as they figure out how to make their creations stand tall and strong.
  2. Creativity: Imagine all the incredible things we can dream up and build with Lego! From towering skyscrapers to race cars, the possibilities are endless.
  3. Fine motor skills: Watching kids carefully pick up and place those tiny Lego pieces is like witnessing a ninja in action! It’s amazing how Lego building helps them hone their ninja-like fine motor skills and become masters of precision.
  4. Planning and organization: Picture this: a kid surrounded by piles of colorful Lego bricks, plotting out their next masterpiece.
  5. Mathematical concepts: Who knew that playing with Lego could also be a math lesson in disguise? As kids count, sort, and arrange their Lego pieces, they’re mastering basic math skills like a pro!
  6. Engineering principles: Did you ever notice how stable and sturdy Lego structures can be? That’s because kids are learning all about engineering without even realizing it! Lego building teaches them about balance, strength.
  7. Critical thinking: Lego building helps kids flex their critical thinking muscles as they explore different building techniques.

Before I get to the gifts, here are two articles you need to read. If you don’t have time, make sure to save them!

Glue – At the risk of sounding like the bad guy in The Lego Movie, I do have to include this on the list. There is a time and place for glue in your Lego life.  If your child wants to play with their Lego creations without them breaking all the time, you should just break them down and take the time to glue the pieces together.

It saves a lot of heartache and time when they are too little to be gentle and too little to be interested in rebuilding their favorite Legos over and over again!

Of course, the list of great gifts for Lego lovers could go on and on forever! But, I do hope you got some good Lego gifts for the Lego fan in your life here in my post. Happy Building!

Lego Gift Guide

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